The Conjuring


Before there was Amityville, there was Harrisville. One of the most terrifying movies since The Exorcist, one of americas most feared classics. The Conjuring is a paranormal thriller telling the tale of a family living in a house full of mysterious cases and happenings, in and around the area and house. The movie tells the story of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, searching and aiding The Perron family, after mysterious occurrences. This movies is Rated-R and is not recommended to bring children because if you do. Movie contains, strong disturbing images, and demonic scenes here and there. Pop up scares are highly a problem in there and if you have heart problems don’t risk going to see or watch. Your kids are going to want you to stay in their room in the night. This movie will also change your kids perspectives on most childhood things in life. Recommended for adults and teenagers who can handle being scared. This movie in my perspective is a 10 out of 10. The prequel to The Conjuring comes out October 3rd. Watch if you dare.


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