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T.D.E. The Black Hippy Crew


This is one of the rap groups i can listen to for days, THE BLACK HIPPY CREW. This group involves some of the best rappers, Jay Rock, SchoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul. Who wouldn’t want to listen to some of the craziest mix-tapes alive from these artists? I will listen to them from sun up to sun down.


Black Hippy is an American hip hop group from South Central, Los Angeles, California, formed in 2009. The group is composed of West Coast rappers Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q.Black Hippy was constructed after all of its members were signed to Carson-based independent record label Top Dawg Entertainment(TDE). Through Top Dawg, in 2012, the group signed a distribution deal with Interscope Records, owned by Universal Music Group.

Although they have yet to release a full-length project as a group, the members are frequent collaborators, regularly appearing and contributing to each other’s respective solo projects, oftentimes not even crediting one another as a featured artist. Lamar had stated that the group will never face demise due to the solidification of each member’s career before they release their debut studio album as a whole. Lamar was the first to release his major label debut, with his album good kid, m.A.A.d city. The album was highly acclaimed and was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Schoolboy Q followed shortly after with his release of Oxymoron, which was released on February 25, 2014 and was also met with critical and commercial success.




Eight doobies to the face, fuck that
Twelve bottles in the case, nigga, fuck that
Two pills and a half weight, nigga, fuck that
Got a high tolerance when your age don’t exist

[Verse 1]
Man, I swear, my nigga trippin’ off that shit again, pick him up
Then I set him in cold water, then I order someone to bring him Vicodin
Hope to take the pain away from the feelin’ that he feel today
You know, when you part of Section.80, you feel like no one can relate
Cause you are, you are, a loner, loner
Marijuana endorphins make you stronger, stronger
I’m in the house party trippin’ off my generation, sippin’ cough syrup
Like it’s water, never no pancakes in the kitchen, man
No wonder our lives is caught up in the daily superstition
That the world is ’bout to end, who gives a fuck? We never do listen
‘Less it comes with an 808 (A melody and some hoes)
Playstation and some drank (Technology bought my soul)
Lookin’ around and all I see is a big crowd that’s product of me
And they probably relatives relevant for a rebel’s dream, yep
Her president is black, she black too
Purple Label on her back, but that tab is light blue
She take it straight to the head
Then she look at me, she got A.D.H.D


Like whoa, ooh whoa, whoa
(Don’t got a limit, just give me some more with it)
Like whoa, ooh whoa, whoa
(Don’t got a limit, just give me some more with it)
Like whoa, ooh whoa, whoa
(They always told me A.D.H.D did it)

[Verse 2]
And then she started…
And then she started feelin’ herself like no one else in this apartment
Beg your pardon, oh I rap baby, how old are you?
She say 22, I say 23 “Okay, then we all crack babies”
Damn, why you say that? She said, “Where my drink at?
I’ma tell you later, just tell your neighbors have the police relax”
I stood up, shut the blinds, closed the screen; jumbotron
Made to the back where she reside, then she said, read between the lines
Yep hope that I get close enough, when the lights turn down
And the fact that she just might open up, when the Nuvo start to drown
Her body and I know the both of us really deep in the move now
It’s nothin’ we can do now, somebody walked in with a pound
Of that Bay Area kush, she looked at me then looked
At it, then she grabbed it, then she said, “get it understood
You know why we crack babies
Because we born in the ’80s, that A.D.H.D crazy”

[Hook] + [Bridge]

[Outro: Ab-Soul]
You can have all my shine, I’ll give you the light
Double cup, deuce, four, six, just mix it in Sprite
Ecstasy, shrooms, blow, ‘dro, hoes, whatever you like
You can have all my shine, I’ll give you the light

A.D.H.D By Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper. A inspiration. People may say other wise, but his lines tell a story his story. Don’t you know ignorance is bliss??? Well my bliss is for the lines he spits. Something that you can connect to. His story is something that makes you think about, even though you can pull through the hardest of times, you can pull through it no matter what it is. I_KendrickLamar_Thumbnail

His new song i, speaks about love for yourself basically. Why wouldn’t someone have love for themselves? This song shows a new kind of love, a love for yourself and no one else. Like his song No make up. These two songs go hand in hand with a confidence of yourself. Everyone looks at rappers the same, their musics the same, their lines. But its not true at all. His lines are inspiration.


Why would you look at Kendrick Lamar as a bad icon? Sometimes you cant judge a book by its cover. Theres no need, you make it worse to meet better individuals in life. If we do is just judge, what is there? A LABEL? Or a person that gets no recognition or attention?


Kendrick Lamars story is very short i can say,

Kendrick Lamar was born in Compton, California, to parents from Chicago, Illinois.His birth name was given to him by his mother in honor of singer Eddie Kendricks. In 1995, at the age of eight, Lamar witnessed his idols Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre, film the music video for their hit single “California Love”, which would later prove to be a very significant moment in Lamar’s life. As a teenager, Lamar attended Centennial High School in Compton, where he was a straight A student.


In 2003, at the age of sixteen, Lamar released his first full-length project, a mixtape titled Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year), under the pseudonym K-Dot. The mixtape garnered enough local attention for Lamar to secure a recording contract with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), a newly founded local indie record label, based in Carson, California. He began recording material with the label and subsequently released a twenty-six track mixtape two years later, titled Training Day (2005).Throughout 2006 and 2007, Lamar, alongside other up-and-coming West Coast rappers such as his TDE label-mate Jay Rock and Ya Boy, toured and opened for veteran West Coast rapper Game. Lamar, under his moniker K-Dot, was also featured on Game’s songs “The Cypha” and “Cali Niggaz”.In 2008, Lamar made a brief cameo appearance in the music video for his Top Dawg label-mate Jay Rock’s commercial debut single, “All My Life (In the Ghetto)”. More recognition came Lamar’s way after a video of a Charles Hamilton show surfaced, where Hamilton went in the crowd to battle fellow rappers in attendance. Lamar did not hesitate and began rapping a verse over the instrumental to Miilkbone’s “Keep It Real”, that would later appear on a track titled “West Coast Wu-Tang”. After receiving a co-sign from American hip hop superstar Lil Wayne, Lamar released his third mixtape in 2009, titled C4, heavily themed around Wayne’s Tha Carter III LP. Soon after, Lamar decided to drop K-Dot as his stage name and go by his birth name. He subsequently released a self-titled extended play (EP) in late 2009.


Also in 2009, Lamar formed Black Hippy, a supergroup with label-mates and fellow California-based rappers Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q.

Well thats the story of Kendrick Lamar

Boston or New York?

Boston and New York rivals. From basketball to football to baseball. Neck and neck at each others throats.


My first example is the NY Giants and the NE Patriots, a rivalry, always neck and neck. Two times they went against each other in the super bowl. Will there be a third? This is one rivalry that will never break no matter what! Who do you prefer? The monsters of New England or the joke of the NFL, besides the jets!!!


Now you got baseball. The NY Yankees and the Boston Red Socks. These teams hate each other and you can see that when they play against each other in their gamers. Trying to take each others heads off. I like the Yankees but i feel they need to put in work. They also lost some of their best players in traces. Like are you serious? They now rely on people fresh out of college or fem the bench. Now i feel that the Boston Red Socks have a chance, but i haven’t watched baseball for months. But I’m hoping the Yankees get into the game.


Now finally, Basketball. This rivalry is off the blacktop. Something that gets true fans ready to riot in the stands. If you were to tell a Celtics fan their team sucks, and the Knicks are better, your in trouble. You’ll literally have to get ready to knock someone out, if not run. This rivalry gets people going, this is something more teams in the NBA need.


Now some history on the rivaly of the Celtics and Knicks, In the summer of 2010, the New York Knicks signed Amare Stoudamire, formerly of the Phoenix Suns, who subsequently began rebuilding the team. Stoudemire averaged over 27 PPG in the 2010-11 season to help the Knicks clinch their first winning season since 2001. On February 21, 2011, the Knicks engaged in a high-profile trade with the Denver Nuggets to acquire superstar Carmelo Anthony. Those moves helped secure the Knicks’ first playoff berth since 2004, where they were immediately swept by the Celtics. However, the Celtics would lose to the Miami Heat. The 2012-13 season saw the Knicks flourish under the leadership of Anthony and offseason acquisition Tyson Chandler. Carmelo Anthony won the 2013 scoring title and helped them win the Atlantic Division for the first time since 1994. On January 7th, 2013, the two teams played in New York. With 9 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, a fight broke out on the court, triggered by animosity between Anthony and Boston’s Kevin Garnett. After the fight was broken up, words continued to be exchanged, and after the game Carmelo attempted to go after Garnett in the locker rooms. This led to Carmelo being suspended for one game. Carmelo served his suspension on January 10 when the Knicks faced the Pacers. A rep for the league released a statement, saying, “There are no circumstances in which it is acceptable to confront an opponent after a game.”Both teams met again in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. The Celtics, who had lost Rajon Rondo to a mid-season injury, led the first two games going into halftime but were held to 25 and 23 points respectively in the second half to fall to 0–2. With the series shifting to Boston, the Knicks won Game 3, but Boston avoided elimination by winning Game 4 in Boston and Game 5 in New York. Game 6, played in Boston, featured the Knicks leading by 26 in the fourth quarter. The Celtics went onto a 20–0 run in less than five minutes to make it a close game, but the Knicks held on to win their first playoff series since 2000. In the next round, the Knicks were beaten by the Indiana Pacers in 6 games.

Whats happening in the NFL!!!!


First let me tell you about the NFL.

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league that constitutes one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. It is composed of 32 teams divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The highest professional level of the sport in the world, the NFL runs a 17-week regular season from the week afterLabor Day to the week after Christmas, with each team playing sixteen games and having one bye week each season. Out of the league’s 32 teams, six (four division winners and two wild-card teams) from each conference compete in the NFL playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in the Super Bowl, played between the champions of the NFC and AFC. The champions of the Super Bowl are awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Various other awards exist to recognize individual players and coaches. Most games are played on Sunday afternoons; some games are also played on Mondays and Thursdays during the regular season. There are games on Saturdays during the first two playoff weekends. Sometimes, there are also Saturday games during the last few weeks of the regular season.


One of my favorite teams. The first, then i have the NY Giants as my second favorite team. The Patriots, are doing (8-2). This team dominates in my opinion, they come and conquer, they came and conquered. This team unites together and plays as a unit, a family, to win their games. Their brothers. The top dogs of the NFL!!!!

The New York Giants, the team NY roots for everyday, waiting for something to happen. Whats going on with the Giants? Wheres their game? This is my second favorite team, a team that you can say is a underdog. But usually a underdog wins, not loses in my opinion. This team needs to pull trough and get out of cloud 9, New York is rooting for you to win. Right now the NY Giants are (3-7). Bad stats for the team of NY. Will they take the win this year at the super bowl? Or fall?


On the left side you have the AFC and on the right you have the NFC. Which team are you rooting for?

Police Brutality


What do you think of police brutality?

a world where the people that are supposed to protect us, beat us. Do we deserve the abuse? Should we sit back and do nothing? Whats their motives? Are we right? Are they wrong? Vice versa?


What did this man do? Do we deserve to be beaten publicly where the police will end up starting something? Are they stupid? The government should help the people, track down the dirty cops, make sure that they don’t corrupt our minds to attack the police!!!! They need to think, instead of starting civil war, lets save that blood for bigger battles, where we need to protect ourselves or each other!!!1