Lately I’ve not been on this. I haven’t seen any good movies too busy to make the blogs. The struggles. Making a movie blog is hard. People that think its easy isn’t. Like if you are copying and pasting, your not blogging. Blogs are your opinion you can say, its not always going to be the best or the worst. Blogs help you express yourself. If you don’t blog from the heart wheres the fun in that? Blogging i to express yourself, express yourself in all your blogs. Jus relax, get a idea and blog about. Blogging about movies you need to be consistent, if not i don’t know. the amount of the views you will lose everyday is ridiculous. i should know after what i saw today. My blog went from 70s to 10s to 5. Makes me feel like I’m not doing my job as a blogger. But don’t worry it will all settle. I just need ideas If you guys help me then that will be great. BLOGS ARE A CONNECTION TO ALL. LEARN THAT!!!!!!!


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