Something that everyone wants. Something the adults have but complain about having. Are they serious??? Your getting money to work, while us kids go to school everyday bored out of our minds. This is a problem. Kids will die for a job because we are getting paid to work. With that money the things we can get are endless.


Right now I’m looking for a job, a job that will pay or at least have its benefits. With Footaction pros of the job is getting something you can call “dibs”. With dibs you’ll be getting first grabs at the sneakers if you can. You can also so I’ve heard meet celebrities depending on where you work at. The cons is possible the pay. Like you aren’t gonna be getting paid to just sell the sneakers and you leave with 300 or more in your pocket. But to work in footaction dont expect to go there and think its easy. You need to be on top all the latest sneakers and clothing lines that involves sneakers.


Footlocker will possibly be the same as foot action, due to footlocker owning footaction.

But finding a good job that pays is hard now for kids


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