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Well in school, theres certain teachers that are fun. Some of them can have you laughing really hard. Some of them are the teachers you never forget about. But when the teacher is a phony. Oh my, let the chaos in the classroom begin!!!


Weird convos

Have you ever been bored? Have you ever been so bored, the conversations, become weird? Well thats whats happening in this video. Boredom strikes again. Hitting dashie, now dashie needs to figure something out… the fun way!!!

23 custom custom jordans pt 3


Air Jordan IV “Matte Black Python”

Another example of simplicity winning out is the Air Jordan IV “Matte Black Python” by JBF Customs. Seemingly based on the iconic “Cement” Air Jordan IV colorway, JBF swapped the plain white upper for luxurious black python. Using black leather laces is just the cherry on top.


Air Jordan IV “Tiffany”

With the impending release of the high top version of the classic SB “Tiffany” Dunks, expect to see many more takes on the colorway. However, you artists out there may want to take note because Mache, as always, set the bar really high with his killer Air Jordan IV custom.


Air Jordan V “Best of Both Worlds”

Though they may share a nickname with Jay Z and R. Kelly’s ill-fated 2002 album/tour, the “Best of Both Worlds” Jordan V saw two of the top customizers in the game team up. This collaborative custom, done up this past year between JBF and Mache absolutely shut it down. Inspired by atmos’s animal camo Air Max 1 colorway, this sneaker is a killer.


Air Jordan V “Bin Lab 5”

You knew this was inevitable, but Dank Customs pulled it off cleanly with his Air Jordan “BinLabV.” Mixing up the aestheic of Jordan Brand’s latest elephant print Vs, and 2011′s Premio Bin 23, this custom is clean and amazing.


Air Jordan VI “Black Cement”

Though there is no shortage of elephant print in the custom world, few have pulled it off as moderately, and cleanly as El Cappy on his Air Jordan VI “Black Cement” custom. These are fantastic.Air Jordan IV "Who Dat"

Air Jordan IV “Who Dat”

Using the black/red Air Jordan IV as a base, Mache showed the NOLA some love with this “Who Dat” custom. This is another colorway where, if you removed the Saints logo, might as well be sold by Jordan Brand themselves.Air Jordan VI "Black Oreo"

Air Jordan VI “Black Oreo”

Though it doesn’t have that eye-catching flare of some of the more popular customs out there, Andy Oliver’s Air Jordan VI “Black Oreo” custom lets the sneaker do the talking. Rather than using bright colors, or gimmicky themes, AO used semi-gloss black paint on the base pair of Oreo VIs allowing the contrast between the leather and suede to really pop.Air Jordan VI "Cement"

Air Jordan VI “Cement”

Customizer Addicted to the High dropped a jewel with his “Cement” Air Jordan VI, employing the colorway of the iconic white/cement Air Jordan IV on the VI silo. Seeing it done, particularly so well, makes us wonder why JB hasn’t dropped an official version of their own. Air Jordan VI "Orlando Magic"

Air Jordan VI “Orlando Magic”

Done up for Gilbert Arenas to rock in the NBA Playoffs, Mizzee Customs’ Air Jordan VI “Orlando Magic” makeup knocks it out of the park. Aside from being league-friendly (approved by NBA officials), Mizzee really put in work for these. Just look at the details of the iridescent stars and Magic pinstripes…these are great, and befitting of a sneakerhead like Arenas.Air Jordan XI  "Cheif Illiniwek"

Air Jordan XI “Cheif Illiniwek”

Customizer: Mache Customs

Truth be told, we could make this entire post consisting of only Mache Customs Air Jordans. But these “Chief Illiniwek” Air Jordan XIs are just exceptional…this is what makes him one of the best. Using University of Illinois’ color scheme and Chief Illiniwek on what appears to be a “Concord” AJ XI, Mache used the perfect hashtag for this one: #customsthatdontlookcustom.


Air Jordan VI “True Blue”

Just like his “Cement” Air Jordan VI, we’re surprised El Cappy’s “True Blue” AJ VI hasn’t seen an official release from Jordan Brand. The elephant print and “True Blue” (or sport blue, or September blue…whatever you want to call it) really work well on this shoe. We’d cop these.jordan-11-seinfeld-1

Air Jordan XI “Seinfeld”

A custom about nothing? Without drowning you in Seinfeld references, these custom Air Jordan XIs pay homage to one of television’s most-famous sneakerhead. Employing a color scheme befitting of Jerry himself, these are just perfect. Well done, @rocketboynift.


Air Jordan IV “Tiffany”

Like we said, with the hype around Nike SB’s upcoming drop, you’re going to see this colorway on more and more customs, like this one done for none other than Nicky Diamonds himself. Seemingly using the “Green Glow” Air Jordan IV for a base, this custom is simple and clean.

23 custom jordans pt 2

A continuation of the recent post


Air Jordan IV “Bordeaux”

The Air Jordan “Boadeaux” colorway is a tough one to pull off when it comes to putting it on a sneaker other than the Air Jordan VII. But in the case of Dank Customs’ Air Jordan IV, it was pulled off flawlessly. These go hard.


Air Jordan IV “CP3”

Even Jordan signature athletes aren’t immune to the allure of well-done customs. Earlier this year, Mache put together this smooth Clippers-inspired colorway for none other than Chris Paul himself. These could nearly pass as an official release.


Air Jordan I “NYE”

Designed in collaboration with Marcus Jordan, yeah the “Air” to the throne, JBF customs dropped this gem of a custom. Dubbed the “NYE” Air Jordan I, it’s got genuine python leather (including that crazy gold leather), lambskin liners, and that smooth gum sole. These are the definition of a head-turner.


Air Jordan IV “Command”

Modeled after David Robinson’s Nike Air Command Force, one of the few Nike hoops silhouettes from the 90s that hasn’t seen a retro, the beauty of this custom may be lost on the younger crowds. But, for anyone who loved The Admiral’s Nike signature back in the day, Emmanuelabor’s Air Jordan IV “Command” custom brings back the memories.


Air Jordan III “Black” & “White” Cement

However you feel about Wale’s music, you just have to be envious of the man’s shoe game. With that in mind, to celebrate the release of his latest album, Mr. Folorin had JBF Customs spin up not one, but two pairs of classic Air Jordan IIIs in that super-plush genuine python leather. These are just spectacular.


Air Jordan IV “Roscoe”

We all know that Rasheed Wallace is Mr. Air Force 1, but these Air Jordan IVs are just about perfect. Taking Sheed’s nickname “Roscoe” and employing it on custom lace dubres, as well as his trademark-phrase “Ball Don’t Lie” imprinted on the insoles, Mache knocked it out of the park with these.

23 custom jordans pt 1

Have you ever seen certain custom Jordan’s and wonder, Will i be able to buy these? Well these are some customs that everyone will buy if they came out! This is part 1


Air Jordan I “Chicago” & “Royal”

JBF Customs is relatively new to the custom sneaker scene, but you’d never know it judging by his output. These amazing rebuilds of two iconic Jordan I colorways use ridiculous high-end materials like genuine python leather, and are what really has put him on the map. Incomparable indeed.


Air Jordan V 3Lab5 “Thunder”

Like most things in life, sometimes simplicity makes the dopest custom. And that is the case with OG Kream’s Air Jordan 3Lab5 “Thunder” custom, which drops that notorious black and yellow colorway atop JB’s newest mashup silhouette.


Air Jordan II “Yeezy”

The black/pink colorways of the Nike Air Yeezy have, naturally, inspired countless custom kicks. But rarely are executed as cleanly as William Yo’s Air Jordan II “Yeezy” custom. Hitting up the Air Jordan II silhouette, with it’s unorthodox shape, actually works surprisingly well.


Air Jordan I “Desert Storm”

JBF absolutely killed it with a melange of luxe leathers for the “Desert Storm” Air Jordan I. Using his signature genuine python leather, along with plush lambskin liners and some pretty amazing crocodile leather, these are fantastic

Ghosts hunting ghost hunters

Imagine a movie, where theres a twist. Youve seen movies where, people will hunt ghosts and the ghosts will do nothing but try to scare them. Movies where the ghosts did nothing. Movies where the ghosts made the movie boring. James Wan the producer who mad Insidious and the Conjuring, and more movies, bring you a movie he made, that he wrote on his own. A movie named Demonic! Are you ready for what will be witnessed?

Time of Doubts

Sometimes when theres nothing to do, you give up. Everyone gives up. But sometimes you have to try to succeed or even attempt to fix whats gone. No matter what you do. But depending on the situation what you gonna do? Are you going to fight for what you love? Are you going to try and fix whats loss? Are you gonna have a god time before your time is up? Are you going through some tough times? Don’t give up! Fight and never give up!