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The Merc with the Mouth. The only person who knows how to break the 4th wall. The only person who doesnt care about getting his ass whooped and giving it back. Deadpool one of the funniest Marvel Characters alive, even funnier then the local Spiderman. We all know whats coming this year, in a few more days. February 12, 2016, the new movie



This is when a movie will break the 4th wall. We will not just see comedy, but action, and see how Deadpool was born. Playing Deadpool, is Ryan Reynolds, the smart ass actor, for all his parts. Knowing when to be funny. Fitting the perfect part of Deadpool for the second time. Yes, the second time. Remember X-Men origins:Wolverine?


This was Deadpool, in X-Men Origins, if you didnt know, go watch it. But, this is not telling Deadpools story, but Wolverine. But its still a good movie to watch because it expands on how Wolverine became who he is now, it also shows his brother Victor, or as you might know him as, Sabretooth.

The trailer for the Deadpool movie, coming to theaters on February 12, 2016. Are you ready for the merc with the mouth?



Official ‘Avengers 2′ Trailer & Poster Released By Marvel [Updated]

Official ‘Avengers 2′ Trailer & Poster Released By Marvel [Updated].

Official trailer!

Leaked! Avengers: Age of Ultron


What do you think about the sequel to The Avengers? Are you going to go see this sequel to one of the best collaboration of super heroes sequel?The first one left people wondering if there was going to be a second one. You asked, they provided. A sequel that people have been waiting for. And if you haven’t noticed the connecting post credits showing faces of some of the most popular villains and heroes in a brief teaser!


In the first movie the bad guy is Loki, the god of mischief. Bringing a army of intergalactic proportions, literally. Bringing doom to new york.But the avengers were there to stop him and his army of unknown alien species.


At the end of the movie the post credits show the pictures above! A unknown area and with none other but a Skrull. The skrull shown in the picture is the leader, Thanos. This teaser shows that there will probably be a movie based o the comic. In the comic they show the skrulls invading and taking place for super heroes. Maybe the movie coming up is a third movie to the avengers. Maybe, maybe not. It all depends.


They will possibly make a movie just for skrulls.


Ultron will they introduce him as a bad ass character and villain that will be in many more movies to come. Will they also introduce his so called creator,” Vision”? Ultron is probably going to make the sequel to the avengers, rememberable. Before you watch this movie you should even watch a few movies about marvel to get you pumped for his arrival. Question is, will Vision be good or bad in this movie, will he work with the avengers or against them, with his creation Ultron?


Question is,

Are you ready for the AGE OF ULTRON?!!!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I saw this movie recently on Saturday. Bought it on Blu-Ray, so i decided to watch it. This was one of the most anticipated movies during the summer. People all over the world, waiting for another great marvel movie. And it gave exactly that. This movie has so many shockers, for people who don’t read the comics, so if you read the comics, you can maybe know whats really going on.


Anthony Mackie starring one of the new introduced Marvel super heroes, The Falcon. He may not look like how he does in the comics, but he sure does fit the part in the action packed movie. If your looking for a jam packed movie this is packed with enough to drive you wild.


If your expecting to see The Falcon, looking like this…your going to be disappointed. In this movie he is introduced as a ex-military solider. And he doesn’t fly along side a falcon either. Marvel may not follow most of its comics, but it sure does stick to their story lines. Which comic book fans should be happy about.


Captain America also introduces a new character to the plot. The Winter Solider. A mysterious character, after Steve Rogers, or Captain America. Movie comes with a story with the man behind the mask and a shocking past to this character that shows how he becomes who he is now!


This movie also brings back fan favorites, Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson and Nick Fury played by Samuel Jackson. A movie you cant miss. Even reveals two new characters to the mix in the post credits. Shown below.