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Joe Haden

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Joe Haden, this man right here, got money. Want to know how he got money, playing for the Cleveland Browns. Hes number 23, and the cornerback for his team. Born on April 14, 1989 (age 25), Fort Washington, MD. His life ever since his birth Must have been pretty good, because his life now is just every guys heaven. Sneakers, everything. If you want to see his sneaker life watch the video below


Is Joe Haden one of the best cornerbacks? Right from ESPN they said,”BEREA, Ohio — Everything Joe Haden does on the field is tailored to one thing.


He wants to spark it, shape it, shake it.

For corners, there’s only one conversation.

“Everything I do is to be the best corner in the game,” said Haden, who matches up again with Cincinnati’s A.J. Green on Sunday in FirstEnergy Stadium.

The money — a five-year, $68 million extension signed in the offseason that includes $45 million guaranteed — says he’s close. Only Patrick Peterson has more in guarantees at $48 million. The common narrative — dominated by Richard Sherman, Peterson and Darrelle Revis — says he’s not. Haden’s name is rarely mentioned with those three.

Browns players and coaches say that needs to change.
“He’s as good as anybody in the league,” safety Jim Leonhard said. “I see it every day. He’s definitely in the conversation.”

The fact that Leonhard is saying this is significant because he played three seasons with Revis in New York, where Revis Island emerged. Revis would cover a top receiver with no safety help and let the other 10 players breathe. Haden anchors the same defense, run by former Jets coordinator Mike Pettine, and does so with the same tenacity, Leonhard said. The Browns mix and match coverages, but Haden will spend a bulk of the game on the best receiver, often in aggressive press-man coverage, with minimal or no help.

The numbers from Haden’s play since early November show he’s making a compelling argument for a spot among the greats.

When primarily matched up with Green, Vincent Jackson, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones andSammy Watkins in Weeks 9-13, Haden held those receivers to a collective average of 4.8 catches, 51.2 yards and 0.2 touchdowns per game.

Now Joe Haden didn’t get this good due to the simple fact he plays, and cause football is something you need to do and learn to be the best. He has to train and practice to be the best. For athletes al around they need to eat eel, or they are not gonna play the way they want to, due to the fact they got  no energy or healthy balance. Why do you think as kids, our mothers always said” eat your breakfast before you leave”? Well Joe Haden does eat his breakfast before his games, thats what he needs to do, if not he wont be playing the way he wants to. And for a player to play good, they need self-confidence from not just their team, but the coaches. If they are also having a boast in their ego or confidence, they will most definitely play to their full potential. Now below it shows something about Joe Haden.

Jones was the only receiver to score during that span, and that touchdown came off a defensive team breakdown where Haden and safety Donte Whitner bit on a play-action fake, not qualifying as a true downfield coverage touchdown. Jones had five catches for 68 yards against the Browns and followed that up with 10 catches for 189 yards and a score against Peterson and the Cardinals a week later, a fact that’s not lost on Whitner when stumping for Haden. Jones “ate [Peterson] up,” Whitner said, but “not our guy.”

Deepening the intrigue for Sunday’s matchup is Haden’s handle on Green, who has seven catches for 81 yards in his last three meetings with Haden. That’s 27 yards a game. For context, Green averages 91 yards per game in his other 19 regular-season games going back to 2013.

Haden’s biggest struggle came Sunday against T.Y. Hilton, who scored two touchdowns and gained 151 yards in a 25-24 Colts win. But Haden actually played an impressive game, covering four different receivers and causing a fumble on a Hilton tackle. Fifty-one of Hilton’s yards came against other corners, and Hilton’s last-minute, 1-yard touchdown came off a broken rub play. The Colts were on the field for 48 offensive plays in the second half as the Browns’ offense sputtered.

The numbers from the first five receivers prompted defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil to call Haden “the best corner in football.” Apparently Pro Bowl voters think so, too as Haden is first in voting.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has seen a lot of Haden over the years. He admires Haden’s play, and doesn’t look forward to going against him.

“Great transition, great feet, great length; he plays fearless,” Lewis said. “I really thought those were the qualities he had coming out of Florida. I’m one of his biggest supporters here. I see him week in and week out.”

Haden started the season slow by his standards, with one pass deflection through his first five games. Pettine’s press-man scheme takes time to master. Plus, Haden was dealing with a hip injury that caused more pain than he let on.

Once the hip felt better, he started openly lobbying for more assignments in what he calls the “Revis defense.” He revels in the vulnerability, knowing there’s nothing but open grass behind him if he gets caught sleeping.

“I want that responsibility,” Haden said. “When I started getting more of that, I started to get more comfortable.”

The Browns mix and match coverages a lot, so sometimes a play designed for Haden covering the top receiver at the line of scrimmage can turn into something different, such as a shift to another receiver or a zone coverage.

Pettine knows Haden wants the top matchup every down and will get plenty of chances at it. The Browns also know Haden is versatile enough to move all over the line of scrimmage when necessary.

“To me, it’s been kind of a hallmark of our style of defense, our system, to have that type of corner that you can lock down one receiver or one side of the field and be able to kind of allocate resources coverage-wise elsewhere,” Pettine said. “To me, it’s high level.”

Haden agrees he’s “probably” playing the best football of his career, which validates the financial value the team placed on him in the offseason.

Is that enough to elevate Haden’s name into the top-corner discussion? Leonhard will say this: He sees a lot of Revis in Haden.

“There are very few guys that are asked to do what he’s asked to do,” Leonhard said. “Only the special ones can.”


Now a man like this you wonder how his life is, making all that money. Coming home to what with all that money in his pockets. Well now you can kinda step into his life a little by this link

This link will show his sneaker life and a little of his life, with his money you must see what he got. If you want to see how he lives, just look it up, or maybe even find out for yourself. This is a reason why i would love to be in the nfl for myself, with the money, you never need to worry about living unstable or afraid of losing something so small. Also because then as a player for the nfl i will reach out to my fans and make them support me through no matter what, for them to love me the way i love them. In every professional sports players hearts they always play for their fans, for their family.


A New Terminator Movie


A new movie to the series, Terminator Genisys will take hold. Bringing a new movie to the lineup of terminator movies, action packed and making people wonder about a robot war. Last leaving us at terminator salvation.


This is the story of the movie:


In 2003, Doctor Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems convinces death row inmate Marcus Wright to sign his body over for medical research following his execution. A year later, the Skynet system is activated,and begins to perceive humans as a threat, and eradicates much of humanity with nuclear weapons in the “Judgment Day” event.


Nearly 14 years after Judgment Day, in 2018, John Connor leads a Resistance attack on a Skynet base. John discovers human prisoners and schematics for a new type of Terminator, incorporating living tissue. He is the only survivor of the assault after the base is destroyed in a nuclear explosion. Later, and after Connor’s departure, Marcus emerges from the base’s wreckage and starts walking towards Los Angeles.


Arriving in the ruins of Los Angeles, Marcus is saved from a T-600 Terminator by Kyle Reese and the mute child Star. Kyle tells Marcus about the war between humans and Skynet. Hearing John’s radio broadcast, the three leave in search of the Resistance. They survive an attack at a gas station, but Kyle, Star, and several other humans are taken prisoner.

Marcus tears out the hardware linking him to Skynet and assists John in battling a new T-800 model 101 Terminator. John is mortally wounded during the fight, but succeeds in destroying the Skynet base by rigging several Terminator fuel cells to explode, detonating them as he, Marcus, Kyle, and Star are airlifted out. Kate attempts to save John’s life, but his heart is too badly damaged. Marcus offers his own heart for transplant, sacrificing himself to save John. Recovering, John radios to the other Resistance fighters that though this battle has been won, the war is far from over.

Now if you want to learn more about this topic follow the link.

Official ‘Avengers 2′ Trailer & Poster Released By Marvel [Updated]

Official ‘Avengers 2′ Trailer & Poster Released By Marvel [Updated].

Official trailer!

‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ Trailer: Go Back to the Beginning

‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ Trailer: Go Back to the Beginning.

The 3rd movie to the Insidious chapter!

‘Pacific Rim 2′ Will Feature More of the Kaiju World

‘Pacific Rim 2′ Will Feature More of the Kaiju World.

Click Link for more!

Pacific Rim


As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.


In 2013, human cities come under attack by the Kaijus, colossal beasts who come to Earth through a portal on the Pacific Ocean floor called the Breach. To combat them the Pacific Rim nations build the Jaegers, equally colossal robotic war machines. Each Jaeger is piloted by two people whose brains are linked (called “drifting”) to share the mental load of operating the machine. The Jaegers are initially effective, but many are destroyed as the Kaijus grow more powerful and their attacks more frequent. In 2025, the governments deem the Jaeger program ineffective and discontinue it in favor of building massive coastal walls. The four remaining Jaegers are redeployed to Hong Kong to defend the coast until the wall is completed. Jaeger commander Stacker Pentecost devises a plan to end the threat permanently by destroying the portal with a nuclear bomb.


Pentecost recruits retired Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket to pilot Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger he and his brother Yancy once operated together. During a mission in 2020, Yancy was killed by a Kaiju while still mentally linked to his brother. Raleigh travels to Hong Kong with Pentecost and begins the process of finding a new co-pilot. Raleigh selects Mako Mori, the director of the Jaeger refurbishment project and Pentecost’s adopted daughter. Pentecost reluctantly allows Mako to participate in a test run with Raleigh. During the test, Mako loses control and nearly discharges Gipsy Danger‘s cannon in the hangar. Pentecost deems her unfit for combat and grounds the pair.


Meanwhile, scientist Newton Geiszler creates a device that allows him to drift with a Kaiju brain. He discovers that the Kaijus are not wild beasts, but cloned living weapons that share a hive mind and fight at the behest of a race of alien colonists who wish to invade Earth. Pentecost demands that Geiszler repeat the experiment on a different Kaiju brain and sends him to Hannibal Chau, a criminal who sells Kaiju body parts on the black market. Geiszler commissions Chau to recover an intact brain.


The two remaining Jaegers commence the plan to bomb the portal. Pentecost is forced to pilot Striker Eureka, the other remaining Jaeger, after one of its pilots is injured; Raleigh and Mako pilot Gipsy Danger. Arriving at the portal, they are ambushed by three Kaijus, including the largest ever encountered. A violent battle ensues, crippling Gipsy Danger and rendering Striker Eureka unable to deliver the bomb. Geiszler warns the two Jaegers that they must take a Kaiju into the portal with them for the bombing to work. Since Gipsy Danger has a nuclear reactor core they can use it to destroy the portal. Gipsy Danger kills the third Kaiju and the largest Kaiju and uses its body to open the portal. Once inside, Raleigh ejects Mako’s escape pod and sets the Jaeger to self-destruct. The Jaeger erupts on the other side of the portal, destroying the invading aliens and the portal. Raleigh is able to jettison his escape pod and travel back before the portal collapses. Mako and Raleigh’s escape pods surface safely in the Pacific, and the duo embrace as rescue helicopters arrive.

Movie made by Guillermo del Toro. Hope to see more! Watch the movie. Thats a brief summary of the movie. Action packed alien movie. Enjoyable, brings comic book action to life!

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


With autumn already in full swing, the Peanuts gang prepares for Halloween. Linus van Pelt writes his annual letter to The Great Pumpkin, despite Charlie Brown’s disbelief, Snoopy’s laughter, Patty’s assurance that the Great Pumpkin is a fake, and even his own sister Lucy’s violent threat to make her brother stop. When Linus goes out to mail the letter but cannot reach the mailbox, Lucy refuses to help him; so he uses his blanket to open the box, and throws in the letter.


On Halloween night, the gang (including Charlie Brown’s younger sister Sally) goes trick-or-treating. On the way, they stop at the pumpkin patch to ridicule Linus’ missing the festivities, just as he did last year. Undeterred, Linus is convinced that the Great Pumpkin will come, and even persuades Sally to remain with him to wait.


During trick-or-treating, the kids receive assorted candy, apples, gum, cookies, money, and popcorn balls — except for Charlie Brown, who for some reason is given a rock from every house they visit, possibly due to the ridiculous amount of holes in his ghost costume.


After trick-or-treating and another visit to the pumpkin patch, the gang goes to Violet’s Halloween party. Meanwhile, Snoopy, wearing his World War I flying ace costume, climbs aboard his doghouse (imagining it to be a Sopwith Camel fighter plane) to fight with the Red Baron. After a fierce but losing battle, Snoopy makes his way across “the countryside” to briefly crash the Halloween party, where he is entertained by Schroeder’s playing of World War I tunes on his piano, and then goes to the pumpkin patch. When Linus sees a shadowy figure rising from the moonlit patch, he assumes the Great Pumpkin has arrived, and faints. When Sally sees that it is only Snoopy, she lectures Linus for making her miss the trick-or-treating activities as well as the Halloween party festivities as the kids come to take her away with them. As they leave, and still convinced that the Great Pumpkin will materialize, Linus promises to put in a good word for them.


At 4:00 AM the next morning (November 1st), Lucy realizes that Linus is not in his bed. She finds her brother asleep in the pumpkin patch, shivering. She brings him home, takes off his shoes, and puts him to bed. Later, Charlie Brown and Linus are leaning against a wall, commiserating about the previous night’s disappointments. Charlie Brown attempts to console his friend, admitting that he himself has done stupid things in his life also; this only infuriates Linus, who sets off on an angry rant vowing that the Great Pumpkin will come to the pumpkin patch next year, as Charlie Brown listens with a visibly annoyed look on his face and the credits roll.